Heavy-Duty Knives for Sale

Eagle Knives, choosing from a wide variety of raw materials and cutting edge designs, can help solve your unique machine knife needs.We also carry a wide variety of standard machine knives to help you with your everyday cutting requirements. 

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Heavy -Duty Knife - Knives for Sale

Standard Knife Dimensions

We offer circular knives from .006" to 2" thick and from 3/4" to 60" in diameter. Straight knives range from .006" to 2" thick and from 1/16" to 18" wide reaching up to 100 feet long.

Industrial Applications

Eagle Knives, Inc. serves the need of many industries. Our products are used in the following:

• Food
• Leather
• Packaging
• Paper
• Plastics
• Printing
• Rubber
• Textile

Packaging, Film, and Paper

For the packaging, film and paper industries, we offer the following knives,both custom and off the shelf:

• Core Cutters
• Gloucester Knives
• Perforators
• Score Knives
• Serrated Cut-offs
• Slitters

Plastic Manufacturing

Plastic industries rely on our premium blades for their production. These engineered blades are as follows:

• Dicer Blades • Extrusion Blades • Granulator Blades • Pelletizer Blades


Eagle Knives, Inc. also has machine knives and blades for equipment specific to the printing and book binding industires. Thes blades include, but are not limited to the following:

• Book Trimmer Knives
• Cut-offs
• Cutting Sticks
• Guillotine Knives
• Ink Fountain Blades
• Paper Drills
• Perforators
• Slitter/Score Knives
• Tucker Blades

Custom-Made Knives

If the knife you need is not included in the lists above, please  get in touch with us today and send us a print or sample of your concept. We can also offer technical assistance, if you have an epsicailly difficult application.

Order Duration

Standard knives ship within 24 hours, subject to prior demand. Custom-made knives can be delivered in as little as two weeks but may take up to as much as 16 weeks, depending on material slelected and complexity of the design.

Contact us in Bartlett, Illinois, to learn more about our customized knives for sale.